Loving Our Neighbors From All Over the World- Here In City Heights

the beauty of our community off the beauty of City Heights. A

Somali Boy (left) and Latina Mother and child (right)





about us

Since 1998, Hope in the City has been growing leaders through our various programs that aim to improve the lives of the hard-working residents of City Heights.

Often times this happens through partnerships with local schools, other community organizations, churches, college student groups and conscientious leaders like you.

We're excited about the hope and restoration that is springing up throughout the neighborhoods here in City Heights and look forward to your involvement in the important projects we have going on for the betterment of this incredibly diverse yet distressed and challenged community.

Join us as we work to usher in a powerful vision of indigenous renewal and see lives changed!

Hope in the City is a 501(c)(3) founded in 1998 to develop leadership, raise quality of life and provide equitable access for the residents of City Heights, San Diego.  We're inspired and driven to effectively usher in justice and mercy to the community.  We're focused on addressing the systemic causes of hardships on the hard-working families of City Heights.  While you're here, please take a tour of our various programs and opportunities to get involved.

You make a living by what you get,

you make a life by what you give 

~ Winston Churchill


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